About WhatsNum

WhatsNum is a social community built for WhatsApp users who wants to make new WhatsApp friends, discover interesting WhatsApp groups or get people to join their WhatsApp groups.

With WhatsNum, you can meet new friends far and near who uses WhatsApp and you can also make friends, either by requesting new friends, accepting new friend requests or sending Direct Messages to users who’s DM’s are turned on.



WhatsNum users can post new photos and updates on timeline and it get seen by all WhatsNum users in the city, discover new friends, WhatsApp groups and Nearby Friends.


WhatsNum users can accept new friend requests, add new friends from closest to farthest.


WhatsNum users can see distance between them and other users on map and choose who to make friends with and what location.


Users can join interesting WhatsApp groups created by other users on different topics of their choice, also can add WhatsApp group links to enable other WhatsApp users join through WhatsNum.


WhatsNum users can get updates on new friend requests, upgrades, accepted friends and so on and stay up to date with current happens around the community.

Who’s WhatsNum for?

If you want to make new friends while chatting on WhatsApp, if you are tired of useless dating sites and apps, if you are looking to get members for your WhatsApp groups or discover interesting WhatsApp groups, if you moved to a new city and you need WhatsApp friends around, if you are bored of your WhatsApp contact or you want more from WhatsApp, if you need more WhatsApp status views for your business and so on, then WhatsNum is for you.

With 5 easy steps your profile is set up and ready, no tedious process.

WhatsNum is highly secured and your Data is in safe hands, for more information refer to your privacy policy, community guideline and terms of service